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Xiao Zhongdian, Yunnan


Population: 7802

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The tiny town of Xiao Zhongdian is about 40 minutes away from Xianggelila by car along a smooth not-too-busy highway. You can get there using one of the many minivans (mianbao che 面包车) that go back and forth every day; 5 yuan. Try finding one near the Langni Abin Cultural Center on Changzheng Road across from the Xiangbala hotel in Xianggelila. The town itself is extremely small, quiet and slow-moving, but there are a few attractions outside of the town proper that may make it worth a trip.

February 26, 2006

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Thousand Lake Mountain / Qian Hu Shan
Thousand Lake Mountain (pinyin: Qianhushan, chinese: 千湖山, tibetan: La...
Xiao Zhongdian - Attractions - Satellite Map

Jisha Village Eco-Lodge
Unfortunately, this guesthouse is not accepting any guests until they...
Xiao Zhongdian - Attractions Hostels Lodging

Ancient Blue Sky Pond
Located in Xiao Zhongdian in Zhongdian County at a 3500 meter elevati...
Xiao Zhongdian - Attractions

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