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Ancient Blue Sky Pond - Xiao Zhongdian, Yunnan



Xiao Zhongdian, Yunnan

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Editorial Review

May 21, 2005

Located in Xiao Zhongdian in Zhongdian County at a 3500 meter elevation ancient shepherding area, 51 kilometers away from the county seat. It's called "楚璋 - Chuzhang" in Tibetan, which means "little lake." It took on the name "Ancient Blue Sky Pond" in Chinese since it's an ancient shepherding area. The lake is indeed not very big, with an area of only 0.21 square kilometers, an average depth of 1.62 meters, and the deepest areas being about 3 meters. This makes the lake unusually calm and impressively clear.

The area more than 30 square kilometers around this little lake is covered with virgin forests and forests filled with Cuckoos. The trees (many spruce and fir) are big, tall, and reach straight up. The area immediately near the lake is covered with cuckoo forests, where bright yellow cuckoos with gigantic bright colored crowns, white cuckoos and red cuckoos are all plentiful. The flower season, from mid-June to the end of July sees the incomparably gorgeous site of the lakeside covered with blooming flowers.


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