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Yunnan, China

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Population: 42360089

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From year-round snow-capped Kagebo peak in the Meili Xue mountain range, which nobody has ever yet climbed and survived, to the muggy rainforests of Xishuangbanna, Yunnan province is China's most diverse.


* is China's sixth largest province, spanning 4.1% of China's total area at 394,000 square kilometers.
* means "South of the Clouds", a reference to either its relatively mild weather (south of the rains in Sichuan) or the Cloud Mountains to the North.
* borders Guangxi, Guizhou, Sichuan, and Tibet Autonomous Region, as well as the countries of Myanmar (4060km of border), Laos, and Vietnam.
* has twenty six different minorities (China having a total of 56) living within its borders, a fact that many Yunnan residents have memorized and take pride in. Currently the minority population is thirty three percent of the province's total population, the rest being Han Chinese.
* is one-quarter covered with forests, a full eight percent of all the forests in China. It also is home to fifty five percent of the rare animals, sixty four percent of the bird species, and fourty two percent of the nation's reptiles.


* 1,750,000 BC: Yuanmou Man (元谋人) died in Yunnan province, to be unearthed by a railway engineer in 1965.
* 2000BC: Simple wooden settlements built by stone-tool-using people in Lake Dian area.
* 339BC: Yangzi River Valley prince sends general over the mountains to conquer the "southwest barbarians".
* 329BC: Said general, cut off from return home by prince's rivals, proclaims the Kingdom of Dian (near present day Kunming)
* 149BC: Han Dynasty emporer declares Dian a tributary state of China, but is not able to get troops across the mountains to fully back up the claim. Dian rulers rule fairly independently, but in the name of the Emporer.
* 732: One of six princes that had since taken over the area kills all five other princes, seizes their land, names himself Nanzhao (South Prince), and starts the kingdom of Nanzhao with its capitol in Dali. The kingdom repels attacks from neighboring Tibetans.
* 950: Nanzhao kingdom falls, replaced with the Kingdom of Dali.
* 1253: Yunnan overrun by Kubalai Khan and Muslim mercenaries from Persia and Central Asia, many of whom settle in the area.
* 1368-1911: Yunnan serves as a place to exile criminals, dissidents and disfavored officials. During this time, Mandarin Chinese, northern architecture and northern culture migrate to Yunnan. The influence in architecture lasts until today. The imperial influence can be seen in the roofs in many towns. A dialect of Mandarin is still spoken in present times.
* 1855-1873: Massive muslim rebellion prompted by dispute between Muslim and Chinese miners. Muslims destroy temples, monestaries, Buddhist monuments, public buildings and large private homes in Kunming, and set up their own capitol in Dali. The rebellion is crushed in 1873 by Chinese troops who slaughter many Muslims in Dali and thousands more in smaller towns.

June 5, 2005

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