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Photo of Frosty Morning English Bar & Restaurant by hsiaopinghu (26)

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☎ Telephone: 86 • Population: 1306313812

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The country of China has one of the oldest civilizations, the largest population, and the third largest land mass in the world. The sheer size of it, and the recent explosion of change that the country is undergoing, would make exploring all of China a task for many lifetimes. But even visiting a single province can be a very rewarding experience.

10 juin 2005


Xianggelila / Shangri-La / Zhongdian 4 stars
Shangri-La (Chinese: 香格里拉, Pinyin: Xianggelila), still known in so...
Yunnan - Carte satellite

Kunming 4 stars
Kunming, though it is a city of 1.8 million people, has managed to ke...
Yunnan - Carte satellite

Sex and Da City
Beijing - Bars Divertissement Nightlife

Dino Beach
Water park including a 50M wide wave pool, fake sand beach, water sli...
Shanghai - Attractions Divertissement Swimming Kid Friendly

Beijing 5 stars
China - Carte satellite

From year-round snow-capped Kagebo peak in the Meili Xue mountain ran...

Shanghai 5 stars
China - Carte satellite

If you're travelling to Dali, you will probably arrive in the city...
Yunnan - Attractions - Carte satellite

Tiger Leaping Gorge 5 stars
Tiger Leaping Gorge is a canyon of the Yangtze River. It's about 15 ...
Yunnan - Attractions - Carte satellite

Diqing Airport (DIG)
The Zhongdian airport is actually called the Diqing airport, sin...
Xianggelila / Shangri-La / Zhongdian - Airports Transportation - Carte satellite


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Average Visitor Rating: 3 stars

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3 stars from rbishnu (24)[de "India"] on 10 août 2006 (See all my ratings)
SUAN SHAN CITY ( A city of tween pick)

Suan Shan city a place near to Russian Border and I liked it. One has to go there from HARPIN by overnight train.