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Reviews Written By rbishnu


I am an Indian from Calcutta.I am visiting Kunming since a decade. Kunming is like my second home city after Calcutta and have many friends there.City center and its surrounding has changed to todays look just in front of me. The city has been polluted while constructing many fly overs now.Road side flowers in many places have been damaged due to this constructions.Even then, I love the place.Food was a problem for me or for any Indian/ outsiders.Mc Donald and KFC came up first, now for last 9 months one Indian restaurant has come up near Yunnan University. City's shopping Malls like Wal Mart, Carrefour and many has given a different attraction to tourists now. When I visited Kunming last week (February,2008) after one and half year, I just walked through these malls and city center and realised how the sky line of Kunming changed in last 4/5 years.There are as many as 12/15 Bangladesh guest houses who offer stay and food for the day only for RMB 100. They also receive guests at Airport and see them off for which price is inclusive in that RMB 100.I tried the food and it is good. At city center a small park surrounded by French look buildings and  mapple trees, remains same quite as it was 10 years back. I love it. Now, I reach Kunming in a China Eastern Airline 2 hours 20 mts. flight from Calcutta. It is nearer to Bombay to me ! I tell all my friends to visit Kunming. Probably, within 6 months a fine dining Indian restaurant will come up on Dianchi Road, Kunming where Indo-China cultural exchange programme will be conducted. Visit Kunming. Enjoy the Spring City of China. 

4 mars 2008

Datong- a coal mine city, about 400 KM from Beijing, one can go by train or even by bus from Beijing.Tourist bus can visit to Great Wall at Bataling and further proced to Datong.We traveled in that way.While returning, we traveled by overnight train from Datong to Beijing.
Hanging Pagoda which was constructed more than 1700 years ago on a wall of a hill. In real sense it is hanging and the river can be seen below. While walking on the floor of Pagoda, it vibrates and will feel like just now you will fall to the river below. It is construted by wood. Wooden logs are fixed in the wall of the hill for construction. If any one interested ,I can send the photographs throug the mail or here. It is simple wonder.
Next, is THE YINGXIAN TIMBER PAGODA, eight storied made of only wood and not even a single nail is used for construction. All wooden joints are made by locking each other.
Its age also will be same like hangind Pagoda. It survived during the Red Army war. Damages made by shelling during the war is seen.
No electricity is in the Pagoda for safety reason.One must see as the culture of China and I compare with Greatwall.

Next, is the Buddha stone statues made on the wall of hills. Not less than 50-60 ft high. This is another wonder. I wish to know whether any of our members have visited this place and seen those wonder?

14 novembre 2006
Sakura Hotel / Holiday Inn - EXPERINCE IN HOLIDAY-INN, KUNMING5 stars

I, from Calcutta , India stayed in this hotel twice during last three years. During my subsequent visits, I had to stay in other hotels due to different reason.

My experience with this hotel is very good. As I stayed in other hotels in Kunming, I can find the difference of Holiday-Inn with other hotels there. For outsiders , Holiday-Inn is the best place to stay in Kunming, both for food and hospitality with arrangements/ facilities provided by the hotel. It provodes 5* facilities of International standard with a cost of 3* hotel, I found it was cheaper than Indian hotels of that standard..  

4 septembre 2006
Kunming - Hotels Lodging
Wuxi - Wuxi- the place for Honeymoon Trip5 stars

Wuxi is famous for its Lake which is bigger the area of HongKong. A nice city to enjoy the lake,  Iland and mountain around the lake. If I remember correctly, MA-SHANG is the city, very near from Wuxi, famouse for the BUDDHA statue of 80 feet height where  life of Buddha is depicted on stone plate.

Wuxi is  about 135 KM from Shanghai, connected by Highway, takes little more than an hour on drive. I stayed in two Hotels there, one in city in weekdays and in HUPIN HOTEL on the bank of lake during weekend. HUPIN has a floating three storied Airconditioned  restaurant and its simple beautiful. In my opinion is  a place for Honeymoon trip. Waiters in Hupin speaks little English and continental foods available. I have friends there. Why not you visit there?

11 août 2006
China - SUAN SHAN CITY ( A city of tween pick)3 stars

Suan Shan city a place near to Russian Border and I liked it. One has to go there from HARPIN by overnight train.

10 août 2006