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Kunming, Yunnan

Photo of 昆明哈特.达阵广场-昆明首家超四星酒店公寓¥188 by amyhu (0)

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☎ Telephone: (0871) • Population: 1800000

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Average Visitor Rating: 4.5 stars 4.5 of 5 (Based on 2 ratings)
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Kunming, though it is a city of 1.8 million people, has managed to keep some of its charm through the myriad changes it has seen in recent years. It's called the "Spring City" due to its year-round mild weather.

The capital of Yunnan province, Kunming is the best place in Yunnan to shop for any mass produced product like sports equipment, contact lens solution, sundries, and western fast food. If you're trying to avoid South-West Chinese cuisine when dining out, Kunming will also have the largest selection of other types of cuisine in the province.

9 juin 2005

Current Weather

High: 15°C
Low: 1°C
updated: 2006-01-27 09:15:06 GMT

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The Hump 3 stars
Kunming - Nourriture Hostels Internet Lodging Transportation - Carte satellite

Kunming International Airport (KMG) 5 stars
The airport is a few kilometers south of the city center. It takes 1...
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Bird and Flower Market 4 stars
One of the more interesting attractions within the central downtow...
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Kunming - Hostels Hotels Lodging

Kunming Cloudland Int'l Youth Hostel
Double: 75 yuan
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Salvador's Coffee House 4 stars
Kunming - Bars Cafes Divertissement Nourriture Tea

French Cafe (Lan Bai Hong) 4 stars
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ynhome365 - boarding house, hotel 5 stars
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Speakeasy Bar 3 stars
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Camellia Hotel 4 stars
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Average Visitor Rating: 4.5 stars

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5 stars from rbishnu (24)[de "India"] on 4 mars 2008 (See all my ratings)

I am an Indian from Calcutta.I am visiting Kunming since a decade. Kunming is like my second home city after Calcutta and have many friends there.City center and its surrounding has changed to todays look just in front of me. The city has been polluted while constructing many fly overs now.Road side flowers in many places have been damaged due to this constructions.Even then, I love the place.Food was a problem for me or for any Indian/ outsiders.Mc Donald and KFC came up first, now for last 9 months one Indian restaurant has come up near Yunnan University.

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Charming in its own way

It's very easy to get around in the city center of Kunming, due to its compact layout. There are a few random alleys that you can still walk through and see older housing conditions. And the city is clean and still slightly less polluted than other Chinese cities. Some travellers find this place boring, and it is, if you're doing the "checkmark" style of staying a day or two in each place. However, if you have the time to squat for a while, there's a pleasant atmosphere to be found.