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Reviews Written By Kham_Spokes

Shaxi4 stars

Located a few hours North of Dali, South West of Lijiang. once a transfer town on the Tea Horse Route, Shaxi was renovated by a swiss NGO in 2001. situated in the middle of a Valley, surounded by pine covered hill, which host 1000 year old Grotos and a hand full of small lakes.

the town is quiet, sleepy even. if your looking for a side trip on your way from Dali to Lijiang, it worth a trip. though the renovation has given Shaxi a museum feel to the place, it's still very relaxing. 

January 5, 2007
Ringha (Dabao) Monastery4 stars

this is a some what erie little monastery hosting two or three monks. if you know the history of the place it is well worth the visit. the kora is a peaceful walk, but the monestary it self... is for you to deside. taxi out should cost ~ 80-120rmb depending on the amount of people you squeeze into the cab. plan on spending an hour out here. be sure to pin down the price with the cab driver before hand.

the villagers were charging 5rmb a head to get in. looking at the hotel down the road one can't realy blame them.

July 22, 2006
Xianggelila / Shangri-La / Zhongdian - Attractions
Xianggelila / Shangri-La / Zhongdian - Zhongdian, AKA Shangri La la la4 stars

Zhongdian is a hard one to pin point. Located on the southern edge of the Tibetan world, The place runs on its own time. Days run into weeks and weeks turn into season and nothing much seams to happen. But at the same time in the last couple year the Old town has seem a revival of sorts. Hang out here long enough and you’ll hear the fanatical stories of the days before. But these days it caulk a block cafes, bars and hotel’s. There are very few local who run business in the old town. Most of them are happy to collect the rent.

There is speculation of Zhongdian cashing in on the popularity of Lijaing. Most of the rosy tinted speculation is propagated by business interests. Whether the bubble bursts or the popularity continues to grow is something I’m sure will be debited for years to come. But if you’ve ever spent a winter there you’ll wonder how many of these businesses will continue to hang on.

There is no question that Zhongdian, as well as any other place in the north west of Yunnan is a great base for the untapped adventure tourism potential of the eastern Himalayas

October 16, 2005
南诏风情岛 - Dali.3 stars

Dali is a mixed blessing. Yunnans original backpacker haunt of the bad old days. It has suffered the fate of most old towns before the old town thing became hip. Pushed over and rebuilt. It’s easy to be cynical of the blatant café culture and hipster life style, but the relaxed atmosphere and warm winter weather keeps it a favorite stop along the Yunnan tour.

There are tons of hiking and mountain biking options to be explored for those who have a few days in the area.

October 16, 2005