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Dali, Yunnan

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☎ Telephone: (0872) • Population: 175847 • Elevation: 2020m

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If you're travelling to Dali, you will probably arrive in the city of Xiaguan, which is about a half an hour bus ride away. Xiaguan itself is one of the larger modern cities in Yunnan -- many different things can be purchased here -- but many tourists immediately leave for Dali. You can take the #4 bus from near the Xiaguan train station, or take a taxi (~40 yuan).

East-southeast of Dali is the capital of Yunnan province, Kunming. North is Lijiang.

February 26, 2006

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Wu Wei Si
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Dali - Bars Entertainment Nightlife Pool Tables

Jim's Tibetan Hotel 5 stars
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hotel6 5 stars
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Bad Monkey 4 stars
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MCA Guesthouse
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Old Dali Inn No. 5 1 star
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