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Bus between Zhongdian/Xianggelila and Lhasa - Xianggelila / Shangri-La / Zhongdian, Yunnan



Xianggelila / Shangri-La / Zhongdian, Yunnan
☎ Telephone: 13988781573

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Editorial Review

December 4, 2006

Starting June 21, 2005, there is a sleeper bus from Xianggelila and Lhasa. It will take 4 days to reach Lhasa from Xianggelila and the ticket (without any permit) will cost 500 yuan. The bus driver's name is Nima (尼玛). He's also the contact for bus information. The bus runs through Xianggelila, Deqin, Mangkang, Zuogong, Bangda, Basu, Ranwu, Bomi, Linzhi, Gongbujiangda, and Lhasa. The Tibet permit office claimed (as of 2005-06-19) that they will not issue permits to foreigners who wish to take the bus. Thus, taking the bus puts foreigners at risk of getting fined in one of the cities along the way.

Some tips on getting on the bus:

Visitor Ratings

Average Visitor Rating: 2 stars

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2 stars from chengduchris (10) on August 11, 2005 (See all my ratings)

I think this guy is crazy making money! Fly to Chengdu, where you at almost every travelagency either get a flightticket Chengdu - Lhasa including permit for around 1.990,- RMB Yuan, or a overland permit, actually these are about 5 permits for around 500 Yuan, which allows you to take a bus or go by jeep overland to Lhasa. And these permits are LEGAL. Don\'t know if the permits you get from this guy are legal. Wish you good luck.

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