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All Ratings For The Hump (驼峰客栈)

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2 stars from xamasutra (11) on December 10, 2006 (See all my ratings)
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not many places possible in Kunming. It's clean but not so cheap, and the welcome is like the building and rooms: quite industrial and not quiet at all.

4 stars from asa123 (10) on September 2, 2006 (See all my ratings)
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best place to stay in Kunming much better than Camelia Hotel.

4 stars from andi (10) on July 28, 2005 (See all my ratings)
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agreeing with wocca, the hump is the place to stay if you want it wild. located just in the centre of town, it's a good place to head out for a good night's party (and have an easy time getting home afterwards... no taxi or hour-long walks needed).

if you'd rather be sober and quiet, check the camellia, or (even more sober) the kunhu hotel. happy trails.

3 stars from Wocca (748) on June 9, 2005 (See all my ratings)
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The Hump is great value for dorms. Situated right amongst the entertainment area. Fast food places close by, so visitors won't go hungry.

Unfortunately, the one double room is not very appealing.