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Reviews Written By asa123

Bad Monkey - Great5 stars

Bad Monkey is the only bar in Dali owned by foreigners and definetly the coolest place in China.
It is managed by two completely [snip] englishmen on the run from thai authorities and makes you forget all the bad experience with these boring karaoke discos in China. The Monkey got it all:cheap beer, great music, a lot of smoke, all kinds of [snip] and easy girls.
There are big comfortable sofas where you like to [snip] and sleep until closing time the next morning but also in daytime it is the best place to get away from the busy streets . You even can just go there smoke and chill out without being pressured to order any drink. A friend of mine helped them behind the bar and got free drinks and more....
There is always a bunch of people and it is easy to get contact to other travellers even there are often a couple of these local foreingers around to check out  the chinese girls coming to "practice their English"
My best experience at  Bad Monkey was famous [snip], the barmaid. Watching her great body dancing on the bar table all night will make you really hot and you don't need much luck to continiue your private party with her after closing time about six in the morning....

Altogether I spent the best days of my travels in Dali and most of the time in this bar. My suggestion: Do not bother checking out any bars in Dali, just go to the Monkey - they got it all ... and even more !


November 30, 2006
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The Hump - good4 stars

best place to stay in Kunming much better than Camelia Hotel.

September 2, 2006
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