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Tibet Hotel - Xianggelila / Shangri-La / Zhongdian, Yunnan


Tuan Jie Road
Xianggelila / Shangri-La / Zhongdian, Yunnan

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Editorial Review

May 23, 2005

As this Hotel is listed in the Lonely Planet, it still receives a lot of backpacker customers. However the quality of the accomodation has gone down over the years. Rooms missing electrical outlets, cold showers at all hours, and overheating or missing electric blankets are experienced by a significant fraction of travellers staying here. Though some people still find the place acceptable, there are now many other budget hotels in town, many of which are more reliable.

Of course, if you can't get your hot shower, you can always go across the street to the public shower, where the water's always hot, and you can take as long as you like.

Double room: 40 yuan; Dorm bed: 15 yuan; Bicycle rental: 15 yuan/day or 8 yuan/12 hrs.

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