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Chinese farmer has huge male breasts removed after 10-year ordeal


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*Posted: Submitted by wtanaka (648) on Sat, 2010-08-14 20:35. | Subject: Chinese farmer has huge male breasts removed after 10-year ordeal

A Chinese farmer who had the biggest pair of male breasts ever seen, has reunited with his wife after an operation to remove them.

Guo Feng, 53, said his unusual chest had made his life unbearable and his partner Jia Ling had moved out of their home because she could no longer bear the taunts from their neighbours.

The condition, known as gynecomastia, can affect men at any age and is usually caused by overeating or hormonal imbalances. Other rarer causes include kidney failure or genetic disorders.

The dairy farmer spent all his savings trying to get treatment before some sympathetic surgeons at a specialist clinic in Beijing took pity on him. They removed his breasts in a five hour operation for free.

However, the doctors are still baffled over what caused his breasts to balloon in size to such a degree.

Dr Zhang Lilan at the Jinan Chest Hospital in Beijing, said: "In my 30 years working here at the chest clinic I have never seen anything like it.

"We wondered if he had eaten any poisons or contaminants but have found nothing after testing his blood. His genetic material is also normal. It is not a cancer.

"It seems to be fatty tissue. The best we can suggest is that it is the biggest case of man boobs ever. We removed them and told him to eat less fatty foods in future and to have a healthier diet."

Guo Feng finally prevailed on surgeons to help him after he developed a huge pair of breasts that made his life hell

Mr Feng is just relieved his decade-long ordeal is over. He had previously threatened to cut off his breasts himself if noone helped him.

"I had bigger boobs then my wife - she got so many comments from our neighbours that she moved out to live with her mother," Mr Feng said. 

"It also made my work difficult. I have 20 cows on my farm. I sell the milk and butter at the market, and make about £120 a month. But things like milking and carrying buckets became quite hard.

"If one of the calves got free and I had to run after it, when my boobs started heaving and bouncing."

His wife has now returned to him together with their son LiWei.

Mr Feng said: "I think I"m the happiest man in the world right now, I know this wasn"t a lifesaving operation - I didn"t have cancer or anything - but I"m pretty sure there"s nobody who understands exactly how I felt.

"My wife Jia Ling was being asked so many stupid questions by the other housewives whenever she went to the market. They would ask her if I still had anything, you know, down there. They told her at 40 she still had time to get another man. And with me having bigger breasts than her as you can imagine our sex life just vanished.

"My son Xiaobo was 11 at the time - in middle school. He"d come home and say the boys were calling him the freak"s son.

"The past few years have been hell - but now I can make a new start as a fresh man."


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