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Finding Female Travel Partner - China Aug - Dec 2010

Joined: 2010-07-23
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*Posted: Submitted by bellachina (0) on Fri, 2010-07-23 11:23. | Subject: Finding Female Travel Partner - China Aug - Dec 2010

A middle aged Hong Kong expat is looking for a middle aged female travel partner to travel or meetup anywhere along my route below. 

I'm thinking of taking local tours in places (see *) which have a record of high crime or is very complicated to travel around for a female traveller who can not speak Mandarin. 


1. Hong Kong (Aug 16-18)

- passing by Guangzhou

2. Fujian tulous* (2 days)

3. Shanghai (late Aug)

4. Suzhou (early Sept)

5. Hangzhou, Mount Huangshang*, Wuyuan* (mid Sept)

- passing by Guangzhou & Kaiping

6. Stop over in HK & Macau (Sept 27-Oct 4)

- passing by Guangzhou

7. Fly to Lijiang*, Dali* & Kunming  (all Oct)

8. Yuanyang Rice terraces, (late Oct)

9. Xishuangbanna (Jingjong)  (late Oct/early Nov)

10. Guizhou* - Kaili & Hunan* - Zhangjiajie (early Nov)

11. Guangxi – Guilin & Yangshou (mid Nov-early Dec)

- passing by Guangzhou

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Joined: 2010-07-23
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*Posted: Fri, 2010-07-23 11:27 | Subject: Meeting in Hong Kong

Ladies interested, fancy meeting in Hong Kong on Fri, July 31 and/or Tues, Aug 17?

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Joined: 2005-06-03
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*Posted: Tue, 2010-11-23 14:36 | Subject: Travel Chums

  • Are you single and prefer not to travel alone?
    TravelChums will help you find like-minded travel companions whose personalities, interests, and travel plans mesh with yours.


  • Are you married or in a long term relationship and your spouse or partner can't get away, has different interests, or doesn't like to travel?
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  • Do you resent paying "single supplement" for hotel rooms and group tours?
    TravelChums will help you stay within your budget by finding a person who will share the cost of a room, taxi, car, and other expenses.


  • When you travel to a new city, would you like to have a friend there you could visit who would make you feel at home?
    TravelChums will help you connect with people in the places you travel to. Plus, you'll find out what to see and do from the local's point of view.


  • Do you already have a specific date and destination set for an upcoming trip?
    TravelChums will help you find a person with the same travel plans.


  • Do you have a special interest, say golf, painting, or bird watching, that you want to immerse yourself in during your next vacation? TravelChums will help you find a buddy who shares your interest, enthusiasm, and experiences.


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