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Rice grader machine for a higher degree of precision for grading

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*Posted: Submitted by ricepolisher (0) on Wed, 2018-06-20 07:15. | Subject: Rice grader machine for a higher degree of precision for grading

After polishing, the white rice is separated into head rice and,
large and small broken rice by a sifter. Head rice is normally
classified as kernels, which are 75-80% or more of a whole kernel. The
sifter is made up of a series of oscillating screens through which the
rice passes. The output from the bottom screen is the very fine broken
tips and is called the “brewers”. To attain a higher degree of precision
for grading and separation, a rice grader machine
is also used. This machine is made up of 1-3 rotating indented
cylinders. The broken and smaller rice pieces fall into the indents on
the rotating roller surface and are removed leaving the whole rice
kernels or head rice. Different indent sizes are used according to the
size of the grain.

The changes in fat acidity of brown rice and eating quality of rice
during long term grain storage of unhulled rice were evaluated for the
government managed rices. The Tongil type rice grains had consistently
significantly lower fat acidity during three and half year storage than
the Japonica type rice. On sensory evaluation of the fresh milled cooked
rice the eating quality of the long term stored rices, 1987, 1988, and
1989 produce Tongil did not differ much each other even though increase
in fat acidity by year of storage. The Japonica rices produced in 1989
and 1990 in different locations and stored there also did not differ
much in eating quality. The grains stored in storehouses of super grade
did not differ significantly from those stored in the first grades, but
the grains stored grains have kept the eating quality almost same as the
fresh grains even after two and half years. A higher degree of milling
did not improve significantly the sensory taste of cooked rice of the
grains long term stored.

A good rice mill will produce 50-60% head rice (whole kernels) 5-10%
large broken and 10-15% small broken kernels. Depending on the country’s
standards, rice grades in the market will contain from 5-25% broken
kernels. If rice mixing is to be done properly a volumetric mixer is
necessary. Mixing a fine mist of water with the dust retained on the
whitened rice improves the luster of the rice (polishes) without
significantly reducing the milling yield. A friction type-whitening
machine, which delivers a fine mist of water during the final whitening
process, is used for "final" polishing before sale. Rice is normally
sold as 50kg sacks which must be accurately weighed and labeled. While
most rice mills use a manual, mechanical weighing system, very accurate
and fast electronic systems are also available.

rice whitener machine
is mainly used in the coarse rice whitening and fine milling of rice
that is an ideal device for processing rice of different grades. The
rice husker machine has features characteristics of high output, low
broken rice and good technological effects etc.

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