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The rice grader machine has a manually fed hopper

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*Posted: Submitted by ricepolisher (0) on Tue, 2018-06-19 06:39. | Subject: The rice grader machine has a manually fed hopper

The rice
grader machine
has a manually fed hopper with a 66-(tilo|iraiii capacity. It
has one highspeed electric blower run by a 1 h.p. motor. Two sieves can be used
at one time, and four sieves are provided with the unit. Screens are available
for almost all crops. The International Rice Research Institute has released an
improved and simplified model of the small, oscillating grain cleaner for
manufacture which lias a 1-ton per hour capacity. It includes a 12-millimeter
plywood body attached to a light-gauge angle iron frame and legs. An integral,
eccentric drive and blower arrangement provide for both screen oscillation and
air discharge to aid the gr ain cleaning. It is equipped with a small motor.

In order to obtain white rice from paddy, from harvesting to final
production, several operations such as threshing, handling, de-husking, milling
and whitening are carried out on rice grains. If the adjustment of implements,
used in the various mentioned operations, be not properly carried out, excessive
losses in the rice final crop may occur. Generally in rice mills, due to
unavailability of continuous on-line measurement methods, quality rice grader of
product is monitored visually by experienced operators at 1–2 h intervals. This
means that the operator, based on his experience and proficiency with the
processing machinery, assesses the quality grade of the product by mere visual
inspection of the machine output and making the required adjustments. Most of
the time, this operation is neither carried out with enough accuracy nor
performed in a short time. In this regard, development of automated systems
which can work based on the operators’ expertise may be an efficacious method
for fast and reliable quality grading of the product.

The rice grading machine is designed with three sieve to screen the broken
rice, small broken rice and the high standard rice out, there are three outlets
on the machine, users for change them according to needs, like if thought middle
standard rice is ok, can connect them together to get the rice. for the screen
size can be customized according to needs. small power consumption, easy to
operate and use, and also play an important role in the rice mill machine

The process from dried paddy to white rice divided into several stages:
separation, husking and whitening. The separation carried out before and after
the husking process, and this operation also done after rice whitener
to obtain a good quality of white rice. In Egypt, there are mainly
two types of separators, which currently installed in rice mills. Bor (1980)
mentioned that the separation of paddy and husked rice (brown rice) is necessary
after husking the paddy and before feeding the husked paddy to the polisher.

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