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Don't stay at the Old Dali Inn #3 as the service is dreadful! - Review of Old Dali Inn No. 5

Review of Old Dali Inn No. 5 by alegnafeet (5), November 29, 2005 1 star

Don't stay at the Old Dali Inn #3 in Old Dali, Yunnan, as the service there sucks, and it claims to be a Hostelling International place (although I can't find them listed on the official Hostelling International website at all!). Following a series of small problems that my hubby and I could get over as we were only paying US$9.90/night for the double room with bathroom, the hostel staff decided for us that it was OK to paint a corner of our room even though:
a) we had already booked the room for another night,
Cool any average person would expect that no strangers apart from perhaps the cleaners would be in your hotel room with your stuff in it during the day,
c) we could not open the window to allow the paint to dry as there were sandstorms here today,
d) we are not the kind of people to get high on paint fumes.
We have had a great time in China and in Yunnan, so it's a pity that the Old Dali Inn had to ruin our experience!