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Good and experienced nanny/ayi in reliable ccshanghai ayi agency


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*Aushang: Verfasst von ccshanghai (0) am Di, 2012-07-17 07:11. | Betreff: Good and experienced nanny/ayi in reliable ccshanghai ayi agency

We are ccshanghai ayi agency. We have been providing good nanny and ayi service to expats in shanghai since 2005 and are well known in the expats community. Most of our ayis have worked for foreign families for many years and have good reference from their previous employers with contacts informaiton. Some of them can also speak good English and can take care of baby from new born. They can also do housekeeping and cooking while baby is sleeping. We have some have very reliable part time ayis. They have been working with our agency for quite some time and are 100% trustful to give them the keys of your home. They can work flexible schedule. Do good cleaning, laundry, ironing and run errands. Cook good Chinese food and also some western food. We offer good service with reasonable price. Please feel free to contact us if you need help in household and babysitting. Contact person: ChristineEmail:

Tel: 021-52682952

MP: 13512194233

QQ: 44106187



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