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Professional China Visa Services for foreigners in China,China visa extension.

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SHANGHAI(HeBurg)-A Professional Chinese Visa Services for foreigners in China!
We have a decade of year running this company, and provide a wide range of convenient, reliable and economic visa service to expats: e.g. invitation letter, L/F/Z visa extension or alteration, driver license and so on. Working visa (Z visa) is our specialty.

Our advantages on doing Z visa:
1. If you have L visa or F visa, as long as you never changed your visa type, we can switch L or F visa to Z visa directly in Beijing; you don’t need to go outside of China.
2. If you have changed your visa type before, you could go to Hong Kong or other country to get a new L or F visa; we can still do the one year Z visa for you directly in Beijing.
3. If you have Z visa, we can also extend your Z visa directly in Shanghai. However, on the condition that you have Z visa and without a working company, we can also do Z visa extension for you.
4. If you don’t have BA degree, two-year working experience, less than 24 years old or even working company, don’t worry and we could help you do Z visa.
5. Usually, it takes around 35 working days to do Z visa.

Besides, if you are urgent, Fast-tract Z visa is also available for only several working days.
Besides, now we can do F extension for complete 6 months with one, double and multi entries.
If convenient, welcome to our office to have a better known of us. Our office is at No.168 of Yuyuan Road, Jinan,Shanghai.

If you are interested in it,do not hesitate to contact me at

Sales supervisor
MSN and
Mobile phone: 0086-150 0008 4676   (7*24 Hours)
Skype: sophiazou861218
Address: No.168 of Yuyuan Road, Jinan,Shanghai

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