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Proactivivad . How much I like this term! How much information does it provide about people! I am fully convinced that today's article is going to love you. And you will love it because in it I will show you an example related to the teaching field in which you will see clearly what difference there is between a reactive teacher and a proactive teacher. university essay writers
Proactivity vs. reactivity.
The idea of ​​this article is born from the reading of a book that, although it does not have any relationship with the educational field, does contribute a lot in relation to how we relate. The book in particular is titled Selling Human. The surprising truth about how to convince others (without collection) and its author is Daniel H. Pink, one of the authors who have captivated me for a while to this part.

Well, Daniel H. Pink in one of his chapters refers in an indirect way to the concept of proactivity , that is, to the type of dialogue that a person establishes with another when it proposes something to him.

Here is a TED talk by Daniel H. Pink that has already exceeded 15 million views. I assure you it has no waste.
This chapter gave me the idea of ​​how many conversations are based more on reactivity than on proactivity. And the worst of all is that in most cases we do not even notice.

What is the difference between a reactive teacher and a proactive teacher?

Look at those two simple definitions:

The reactive teacher is one who uses the present to talk about the past.
The proactive teacher is one who uses the present to transform the future. [ TUITÉALO ]
As you can see, the difference between one type of teacher and another is enormous. Because while the reactive teacher focuses on the past that can no longer be changed, the proactive decides to look to the future from action and determination .

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