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Sichuan, China

c'est bon
c'est bon
Photo of Huaxi Medical University by meisje (96)

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Chengdu 5 stars
Sichuan - Satellite Map

Sim's Cozy Guesthouse
Airplane tickets from Chengdu to Lhasa available for purchase here.
Chengdu - Bike Rental Food Hostels Internet Lodging Transportation

Peter's Tex-Mex Grill
Chengdu - Bars Cafes Food Mexican

Holly's Hostel 5 stars
Chengdu - Bike Rental Cafes Food Hostels Internet Laundry Lodging Tea

Huaxi Medical University 4 stars
Chengdu - Schools

Sichuan - Satellite Map

University of Electronic Science & Technology of China / UESTC
Chengdu - Schools

Temple Fair 4 stars
Chengdu - Attractions

Dragon Town Youth Hostel
Double Shared Bath: 90 yuan; Double with bath: 160 yuan
Chengdu - Hostels Lodging Transportation

Godspeed-Bike Shop, custom-built bicycles
Chengdu - Bike Rental Books Entertainment Music Shopping Sports Tours Transportation


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