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Jiulong / Kowloon, Hong Kong / Xianggang

Photo of TWH - Tai Wan Hotel by liyingcho (5)

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Population: 403700

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TWH - Tai Wan Hotel 2 stars
Jiulong / Kowloon - Attractions Hostels Hotels Lodging Tours

Sealand Guest House
Single Room: HK$250 ~ 300; Twin/Double Room: HK$280 ~ 350
Jiulong / Kowloon - Lodging

Joy Sightseeing Guesthouse 5 stars
Rooms: 155-175 HKD
Jiulong / Kowloon - Hostels Laundry Lodging

Dragon Hostel
Jiulong / Kowloon - Hostels Lodging

Booth Lodge (Salvation Army)
Jiulong / Kowloon - Hostels Lodging

Caritas Bianchi Lodge
Jiulong / Kowloon - Hostels Lodging

Mirador Mansions
Look at the elevator directory to get a list of the many guesthouses ...
Jiulong / Kowloon - Hostels Lodging

Cosmic Guesthouse
One of the guesthouses in the Mirador Mansions. Small triple w/ bath...
Jiulong / Kowloon - Hostels Lodging

Shoestring Travel
Cheaper than CTS for visas, but still more expensive than other ag...
Jiulong / Kowloon - Transportation

Japan Travel Agency (JTA)
Common place for getting a Chinese Visa
Jiulong / Kowloon - Tours Visas


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