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Penglai Pavillion - Penglai, Shandong



Penglai, Shandong

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Editorial Review

July 26, 2005

A cliff with a picturesque pagoda-shaped tower, some attractive temples, and an old dock. A cave in the cliff itself is said to be the site where the Eight Immortals first appeared on earth as physical beings.

A theme park has popped up here, with buddhist gurus, concrete buddha statues, flying plastic neon immortals, a ski lift, laser-gun park, theater, and a fake mini Great Wall.

It's possible to walk down a flight of steps from the tower at the top of the cliff to the cave itself where Chinese tourists solemnly burn incense and leave money.

Admission: 55 yuan, 9 yuan extra for the cable car (one-way)


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Penglai Pavillion
Penglai Pavillion
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