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Looking for a job as an interpretor in Kunming

Joined: 2010-06-22
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*Posted: Submitted by michaeljacksonlu (0) on Tue, 2010-06-22 11:09. | Subject: Looking for a job as an interpretor in Kunming

Hi guys ,

Im a high school graduate from a well-known high school in Qujing ,A secondary city in Yunnan. Currently i'm having a three-month summer vacation and would like to work as a interpretor during which time.I speak English influently and Chinese is my mother tongue.I won the fourth prize in the CCTV 10 outlook English competition in 2008.You can google 吕锦洋(My Chinese name.) to see it.


I would like to interpret for native English speakers who speak no Chinese at a very low price in Kunming,YUnnan.during July 1 -- August 30.If anyone is interested pls contact me at .


This ad is available until August 30,2010.



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Joined: 2010-06-22
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*Posted: Tue, 2010-06-22 11:13 | Subject: P.S. : If you can provide me

P.S. : If you can provide me a place to stay i can go wherever you would like to go in YUnnan.



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