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Best Western Breakfast, Tibetan Food and Travel Advice! - Review of BLACK POTTERY COFFEE

Review of BLACK POTTERY COFFEE by Hiketsu (0), August 12, 2009 5 stars

I have visited Shangri-la several times over the past three years, and as the town has grown, there have been many improvements especially in the area of restaurants and bars. The best I have found is BLACK POTTERY COFFEE. The owner is a beautiful local Tibetan woman who is a former guide and knows the region well. So you can get up to date travel information in English, Chinese, and Tibetan if you wish. Her husband speaks Japanese as well. The Cafe serves the best western breakfast and coffee that I have had in China as well as Tibetan food which is done quite well, and authentically. It has a fine selection of pottery for sale from Nixi Villiage, the owner's hometown, an excellent selection of books in English, and Chinese, and a good selection of imported wines (Australian, South African). It is located just below the giant prayer wheel in the Old Town up the street from the giant white Stupa. Look for its beautiful new stained wooden patio at the entrance.