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Homtel in chengdu,Your best choice

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*Posted: Submitted by Annayang (0) on Tue, 2008-10-14 04:26. | Subject: Homtel in chengdu,Your best choice

If you are a foreighner,comig here is absolutly right

If you are worried about renting or purchsing a house,Here I'll help you


The compound is called"Idealism City",Which is a combination of MODERN techlolegy and Natural beauty.It includes swimming pool,badminton court,inner garden and so on. Nearby is yijia furniture city,supermarket, 1st subway and so many nice resturants .

Here some choices for you :

2 bedrooms

3 bedrooms

4 bedrooms

Furnished/plain apartments for you to choose

Have a nice and suitable home in chengdu,Now please call me:13541101738

Hope you have a good living in chengdu.

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