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Any Hunan Changde native here?

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*Posted: Submitted by (0) on Wed, 2008-02-27 19:04. | Subject: Any Hunan Changde native here?


 Hi Everyone,

A few months ago, I had a brief stay in Changde. (Stayed at Huatian Hotel.) An acquantaince brought me to her house in the outskirt of the city. I would like to go back there without letting her know - just wish to give her a surprise.

I can vaguely recognise some landmarks, and I know the road leads to the Taohuayuan Airport. At the starting juncture of the road, there were a few "cafes" selling the local "lei cha". I was told one of these cafes reputedly produce the best lei cha in Changde. The road, though long, is not broad - single lane for both directions. I would aptly describe it as a countryside expressway. Going back to my hotel (there were no taxi) we halted a public bus that brought us, towards the same direction that we came, to a small busy town square. From there we took a 15-minute taxi ride back to Huatian.

I would have no trouble locating her home if I were on that road. My problem is getting to the road from the city. I have no clue as to which direction we were heading.

If anyone here has any idea, it would be of great help to me if you could point me the direction to that road. Any little info would be useful to me.

Thank you very much.

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