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Newhome Short-term Renting House, Guangzhou, China


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*Posted: Submitted by nanyueju (0) on Mon, 2008-01-14 02:37. | Subject: Newhome Short-term Renting House, Guangzhou, China

We are an active and energetic team.
We are young and experienced. We are aimed to providing short-term renting houses for businessmen and travelers who come to Guangzhou. During the last two years, we have helped lots of guests and friends solve their difficulty in finding accommodation. Now we have got short-term renting houses at Binjiangdong Road near Sun Yat-sen University (Zhongshan University) in Haizhu District,several residential areas near the Wanjia Shopping Mall of Tianhebei Road (North Tianhe Road), and some residential areas near South China Normal University and Jinan University. There are various kinds of equipped houses at different prices for rent and the time period for rent is unlimited.

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