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Madden 21 will have free upgrade to PS5

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*Posted: Submitted by 5mmo (0) on Fri, 2020-06-19 08:53. | Subject: Madden 21 will have free upgrade to PS5

Madden 21 Coins
Electronic Arts presented the first trailer for Madden 21 yesterday and
confirmed that you will be able to transition from the PS4 version to
the PS5 version without any associated cost.

Suggesting good news
for those who are already anxious about the arrival of the inevitable
FIFA 21 EA confirmed that as will happen with the Xbox One and Xbox
Series X versions you will be able to buy the PS4 version of Madden 21
and later transition to buy NFL 21 Coins the version PS5 without paying.

21 will arrive on August 28 for the current generation and PC consoles
including Steam but when the new consoles arrive in stores you will be
able to get a code to transition to the next generation version on one
of the future consoles.

If you're interested in Madden 21 EA will reveal more of it tomorrow.
deliver Coins with legit way so that your account will be safe 100%. No
ban and No hack happened! Madden NFL 21 MUT Coins for Sale get the best
deals today!

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