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How to fix Bluetooth pairing failure on Garmin?

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*Posted: Submitted by Sharon982 (0) on Thu, 2019-01-17 11:22. | Subject: How to fix Bluetooth pairing failure on Garmin?

Garmin UK SupportFor a fix to Bluetooth pairing failure see to it that the Bluetooth is turned on, check which pairing process is used by the Garmin device see to it that you turn on the discoverable mode, see to it that the devices are in close proximity to each other then get the device switched off and then turn it on again then remove Bluetooth connections then charge both the devices that you need to pair then get the device deleted and then rediscover it, check the wifi router also ensure the devices to be paired are well compatible with each other also get the drivers downloaded to get the firmware updated then limit the data that is to be shared between the devices limited at last get the cache cleared from the Bluetooth and if you want to more help then you must visit the link Garmin UK Support

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