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China-zjlg provides rice destoner manufacturers with rice processing equipment

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Manufacturers in the rice industry have also increased their investment
in Polishing Machine. It is against this background that china-zjlg
provides rice destoner manufacturers
with the latest type of rice processing equipment. This device can not
only save the cost for manufacturers, but also improve product quality
and utilization.

Destoner Advantages: 1. Outstanding classification improves the quality of
the end product. 2. Easy to operate-for precise adjustment in classification. 3.
Minimal maintenance requirements thanks to an optimized design. 4. It can remove
stones from grains and seeds such as wheat, rice, corn, maize,rape, buckwheat,
peas, peanuts, coriander, cumin,fennel, fenugreek, pepper,etc  5. with air
blower to collect dust

Rice is known and recognized as a short, narrow white or brown
grain grown on wetland in hot countries as food. The plant that produces
this grain is called a grain of rice. The design that has the
capability of de-stoning at two separation stages thereby ensuring that
stone-free rice is produced has been done. Rice of 6.25-6.99  mm long,
2.10-2.87 mm wide and 1.74-2.00 mm thick is separated from tiny stones
(sand) at screening unit with screen holes of 2.10mm thereafter it is
separated at the separating cylinder with cylinder grooves of 2 mm deep
and 2 mm wide rotating at a speed of 6.3 rpm while the prime mover has
this rating of  0.5 hp and speed of 24 rpm. Moreover, the rice
de-stoning machine that will de-stone rice effectively is achieved using
two stages of de-stoning process, at the screen with holes of 2.10 mm
whereby little stones (sand) are removed and also at the grooves of the
cylinder with groove dimensions of 2 mm deep-2 mm wide which ensures
perfect de-stoning.  

How to maintain the china-zjlg paddy
1. The equipment should be installed on the firm and horizonal floor
2. Must stop working and check troubles, if the abnormal phenomenons emerged,
such as abnormal vibration, much noise and high exceeding temperature. 3. Sieve
hole keep clean and should clear up everyday, if found problems ,please maintain
timely. 4. Each driving part should be lubricated at the regular internals 5.
The changed components should suitable for paddy cleaner perfectly.

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