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China's growth, not couched in generalities.


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*Posted: Submitted by wtanaka (648) on Sat, 2006-01-07 08:46. | Subject: China's growth, not couched in generalities.

A long and very well written article from Harpers about China talks about China stereotypes, a bit of the reality of the sweatshops and factories that supply Walmart and IKEA, the migration to the cities, the water supply, power generation, and gives an interesting comparison with the United States.

Some quotes: 

Pile all the rocks in one place and you'd have the pyramids.

On the one hand, [China] must keep growing fast enough to absorb all that restless labor - the newspapers are already full of reports about college graduates unable to find jobs, and then there are those people pushed out of work in the vast and useless state heavy industries. And on the other hand, it must keep resource and energy use enough in check that China doesn't simply crash and burn. 

The world, as it turns out, cannot afford two countries behaving like the United States.

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