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Kunming International Airport (KMG) - Kunming, Yunnan



Kunming, Yunnan
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7. August 2005

The airport is a few kilometers south of the city center. It takes 15 minutes to the airport from the downtown area, if traffic is light. There is a shuttle bus (5 yuan) that takes you from the airport to the Worker's Palace. You can take a taxi to the city center for about 30 yuan. There are also a few public busses (#67, #103) that terminate at the airport. You can fly from Kunming to 22 different domestic cities, in addition to Bangkok (1h 50m), Chiang Mai (1h 15m), Yangon, Vientiane and Hong Kong.

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Durchschnittliche Besucher Bewertung/Einschätzung: 5 Sterne

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5 Sterne from Wocca (748)[von "Shanghai"] on 9. Juni 2005 (Alle meine Bewertungen ansehen)
User Friendly

Kunming has an international airport which is very user-friendly.

When leaving the airport, you can step straight out the front and there is a metered-taxi rank with many cabs waiting.It is a good idea to have your destination written in Chinese on paper to show the driver.

There isn\'t usually any problem, but make sure the driver turns the fare meter on.

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