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Jinghong, Yunnan

New sign of Forest Cafe in Jinghong
New sign of Forest Cafe in Jinghong
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☎ Telefon: (0691) • Bevölkerung: 94162

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Hoch: 31°C
Niedrig: 20°C
updated: 2005-05-10 15:02:08 GMT

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Mei Mei Cafe 4 Sterne
Jinghong - Bars/Kneipen Cafes Essen Nachtleben Touren Transport - Satellitendiagramm

Forest Cafe 4 Sterne
Jinghong - Essen Hostels Internet Übernachtung Transport

Jinghong Long Distance Bus Station
This is the bus station you go to to buy a bus ticket to Guanlei (关累)...
Jinghong - Transport - Satellitendiagramm

South Bus Station
Jinghong - Transport - Satellitendiagramm

Yes Disco
Jinghong - Unterhaltung Nachtclubs Nachtleben - Satellitendiagramm

Night Market
Barbecue and fair-type games can be found in the evenings at this nig...
Jinghong - Unterhaltung Essen Nachtleben - Satellitendiagramm

Banna Hotel
Air Con, All Day Hot Water, Internet. 50 yuan.
Jinghong - Hostels Hotels Internet Übernachtung

Guanguang Hotel
Jinghong - Hotels Übernachtung - Satellitendiagramm

Roller Skating Rink
A small roller skating rink
Jinghong - Unterhaltung - Satellitendiagramm

Furniture Market
Jinghong - einkaufen Möbel - Satellitendiagramm


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