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丽江, Yunnan

Racheal' Last Night
Racheal' Last Night
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☎ Telefon: (0888) • Bevölkerung: 81129 • Höhe: 2393m

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Starting around 2004, the Lijiang old town has been described most often by western tourists as akin to Disneyland. But don't let that discourage you, as the old town, full of chinese tourists as it is, is still a very beautiful place, and the surrounding areas outside the city are great for exploring either by foot or on a bicycle.

To the north, about 100km, is Xianggelila (previously Zhongdian). To the south is Dali.

26. Februar 2006

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Niedrig: -2°C
updated: 2006-01-27 09:15:05 GMT

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Frosty Morning English Bar & Restaurant 4 Sterne
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Haku NaMaTaTa Cafe 5 Sterne
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Wang Gu Youth Inn
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Swiss Snow Inn
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Lijiang Airport (LJG)
Built in 1995, the airport is 25km to the east of the city proper. Fr...
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Mu's Mansion Inn
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Lashi Lake--Wenhai lake--Tacheng_Lijiang

Lashi Lake
With an elevation of 2500 meters,Lashi Lake is the largest highland lake in Lijiang County,Lashi lake
and an important habitat for over 70 species of migratory birds,the highest waterbird species
diversity of any lake in Norhwest Yunnan.
During the winter months ,the lake is home to tens of thousands of migratory birds.
including proected species such as the Black-necked Crane,
Whooper Swan and Black Stork.
The birds come to Lashi lake to feed on its abundance of local crops,
aquatic plant species and 7 different species of fish.The class III protected water
lily is one  of  the 47aquatic plant species found in the lake.



好地方! 有机会一定去玩!