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China visa, driver license and translation services, 15010268301

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*Aushang: Verfasst von maggie (0) am Mi, 2010-04-21 04:01. | Betreff: China visa, driver license and translation services, 15010268301

Our company (That’s China) is one of the professional and authorized visa service company, can help you or your friends to extend L/F visa or change L to F visa or change L/F to Z visa without being required to leave China. It will save your time and money. Below is our main service:

●F(Business) or Z(Work) Invitation Letter;
---Official F (Business) Invitation Letter from Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce;
●L(Tourist), F(Business), Z(Work) Visa Extension or Conversion;
---L(Tourist) Visa Extension for 1month or 3 months;
---L(Tourist) Visa Extension for 6/12 months---only to those applicants visit family members;
---F(Business) Visa Extension for 3/6 months with 0/1/2/M entries;
---Z(Work) Visa extension (including extension of Alien Employment Work Permit and Residence Permit) .
---L/F--F  6 months   Single entry
---L/F--F  6 months   Double entries
---L/F--F  6 months   Multiple entries
---L/F--Z(Work Visa)   1 year Multiple entries
●Residence Permit,  Alien Employment Licence / Permit;
---Provide Sponsorship and job title for your work visa/Residence Permit;
---Applying Working License/Working Permit for expatriates in China;
---Convert your L or F visa to Z visa in Chinese Mainland (without leaving the continent/mainland as usual);
---Get employment permit and work visa/Residence Permit for one year/12 months

 Also we can help you get Chinese Driver license and provide you translation services. Maggie15010268301MSN/email: maggielee66@hotmail.comSkype: eely-maggieQQ: 251038077

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Joined: 2009-11-03
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*Aushang: Mo, 2010-05-10 02:17 | Betreff: China F visa, 1-year extension is possible now

Now it is possible for European, Asian and CIS countires' foreign friends in China to do F visa 1-year extension.



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