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Finding a private guide/translator in Kunming

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*Aushang: Verfasst von miranda (0) am Fr, 2007-09-21 22:15. | Betreff: Finding a private guide/translator in Kunming


I am a writer/photographer and wish to visit Yunnan in March 2008. I require the services of a guide/translator as I would like to get a bit off the beaten path....out to villages to meet and speak to locals etc. I am thinking of concentrating on the area around Jianshui. Does anyone have any advice as to how I can get in touch with a great guide?? Thanks in anticipation of your help,



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*Aushang: Di, 2007-10-02 03:37 | Betreff: i'd love to be of great help

Hi, Miranda. i am happened to notice your message. i am a journalist for a newspaper in HONGkONG based in Yunnan, and i cant promise i 'm the greatest guide, but i can try to be your partner during the trip,since we share the same angle.

If you want to know more, plz drop me messages or email.

Best regards


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*Aushang: Di, 2010-06-22 10:57 | Betreff: Pls contact me the next time u visit yunnan

if u need a tour guide in YUnnan Kunming again u can contact me.

I speak good English and Chinese.

 Im chinese BTW.

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