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Places Added By wtanaka

Zhang's Home Cooking 5 stars
July 9, 2005

Review by wtanaka (648):

We've taken to eating here a lot recently, because the food is pretty good and the prices (at least what they charge us) are as reasonable as you can find in the new town!

Xianggelila / Shangri-La / Zhongdian - Food

Banyan Tree Ringha
July 17, 2005

This somewhat bizarre resort complex has been tacked onto the back end of a set of 6 villages near Ringha Monastery. While it certainly is in a nice spot, and the accommodations do look quite deluxe...

Xianggelila / Shangri-La / Zhongdian - Hotels Internet Lodging Resorts

Arro Khampa! 4 stars
June 23, 2006

Review by wtanaka (648):

The food is delicious -- about as good as a high quality Indian restaurant in a ethnically diverse non-Indian city. Unfortunately, the service can sometimes be excruciatingly slow, especially if t...

Xianggelila / Shangri-La / Zhongdian - Food Indian Tibetan

Boonna Café
July 22, 2006

88 Xinle Road, Xuhui District

Shanghai - Cafes

Yin Xu
July 24, 2006

Added as a world heratige site in 2006.

Brief Description

The archaeological site of Yin Xu, close t...

Anyang - Attractions

Lan Ting Restaurant
July 27, 2006

#107 Song Shan Road (Between Tai Cang Road and Xing An Road)

Shanghai - Food

The Loft Hostel
August 7, 2006

4 Tong Ren Lu
Xiang Tong Xiang

Chengdu - Hostels Lodging