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Photos by wtanaka

Speakeasy Pool Table
wtanaka hasn't yet bothered to write anything about this photo.

Photo of Speakeasy Bar by wtanaka (648)

One of the several McDonalds branches in Kunming. I've been informed that this is not a franchise, as there are currently still no McDonalds franchises in China. See

Photo of Kunming by wtanaka (648)

Drying Rack
A common sight in Shangri-La, these racks are used after harvesting to dry either barley or grass for use during the winter.

Photo of Napa Lake by wtanaka (648)

Lizards on a stick
Found in one of the many many many stalls in the big Bird and Flower market off Dong Feng Lu in Kunming

Photo of Bird and Flower Market by wtanaka (648)

Red Leaf
This bramble of branches and red leaf were found along the high trail through the Tiger Leaping Gorge

Photo of Half Way Guest House by wtanaka (648)

Skyscrapers in Kunming
Skyscrapers light up the night surrounding the Dong Feng commericial square (Dongfeng Guangchang).

Photo of Dongfeng Center by wtanaka (648)

Sheep Statue
This statue of 3 rams was erected across the street from the Dongfeng square in Kunming during the Chinese New Year celebration for the Year of the Sheep (2003)

Photo of Dongfeng Center by wtanaka (648)

Salesman on the High Trail
This very eager salesman was hawking his wares to the hikers along the high trail in the Tiger Leaping Gorge.

Photo of Tiger Leaping Gorge by wtanaka (648)

Wall of Corn Drying in the Sun
This wall of corn was drying in the Naxi Family Guesthouse in Tiger Leaping Gorge. Probably was put there for aesthetic reasons, but corn drying racks are pretty common around the area.

Photo of Naxi Family Guesthouse by wtanaka (648)