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The People are monsters! - Review of Vics

Review of Vics by abused (21), July 19, 2005 1 star

I started a campain against this club after i was attacked and beaten to unconsciousness by the 5 male security guards. I am a 23 yar old Australian female.

since i have made this public after the police did nothing to help me or bring justice to the club and its staff. more tahn 2 dozen other people have written to me met o tell me similar stories.

the security guards are heavily built steroid taking violent creatures. they become aggressive very quickly at any hint of trouble taking out aggression by punching whoever may get in their way.

Vics and teh Den are run by the same 2 men and many people have alos been hospitalizied after visiting the Den.

Be careful! Stay away from these places.

if you have similar stories please email me....