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N493 (archived from April 09, 2022) - China Train Schedules

To look up a train, enter its number here (e.g. "K79", "K11/K14"):

The train schedule below is from the official chinese rail website. If you like, you can go to the original page in Chinese. Note: the romanization of the station names have been done mostly automatically, and if they are still completely in capital letters, have not been verified as correct.

Archived schedule from April 09, 2022 15:59:31. You can look at the most up to date schedule

503 Service Temporarily Unavailable


If this schedule is empty or has some other kind of technical problem, you can try looking at other archived schedules by picking one from the following list:

November 16, 2022 08:54:31
May 09, 2022 21:48:40
April 09, 2022 15:59:31
April 04, 2022 15:00:29
March 01, 2022 03:43:13
February 01, 2022 20:35:49
September 13, 2006 19:58:36