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How to get AOL Mail on the mobile device?

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*Posted: Submitted by emailsigninerror (0) on Sat, 2019-08-10 05:08. | Subject: How to get AOL Mail on the mobile device?

A smartphone is a device that stays with an individual 24X7 and installing mail applications on it can provide complete access to the users, as they can view, edit or send emails at any time. If you are an AOL mail user and have been accessing it all the time on the desktop, then why not install in your smartphone. To download AOL mail on the mobile device you need to

• You can purchase the AOL mobile software.

• If you already have AOL software in the device, you can configure the IMAP and POP settings and send and receive emails on your phone.

• You can also add a secondary mail account to the existing email. 

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