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*Posted: Submitted by hongwei28 (0) on Wed, 2019-05-22 02:22. | Subject: Matt Breida Jersey White

Wednesday ,
March 27th, 2019 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San
Francisco 49ers links from the Internet"Being a part of a football family was
very helpful for Kyle Shanahan. While Jimmy Garoppolo was rehabbing from his
injury during the season, Kyle’s father Mike spent time with Jimmy watching
tape. Mike Shanahan, who was a great offensive coach with multiple Super Bowl
rings, was good for Jimmy to have around while Kyle was prepping his active
quarterbacks for game days. Now Jimmy is healthy enough to be back on the field
practicing his dropbacks and working on his throws. The 49ers have the #2 pick
in the draft and they have a few different options with it. They have made it
clear that they are not opposed to trading the #2 pick. It’s widely believed
that the Arizona Cardinals would draft QB Kyler Murray with the #1 overall pick,
which would leave Nick Bosa available for the 49ers at #2. But if the Cardinals
decide to take Bosa at ,1# the 49ers could receive very enticing trade offers
from teams looking at Kyler or another top QB. The 49ers could be willing to
part with the pick if they would rather load up on draft picks to fill the many
needs that have. At this point ,
it seems most likely that they draft either Nick Bosa if he is available or
Quinnen Williams. But they are putting it out there that they are open for talk.
49ers staffStill possible for a long term deal for Gould (Alper)Adding the
proven pass rusher is the one | Best offseason move (Cooper/Linsey)He’s actually
just a top 3 TE | George Kittle a top 5 blocking TE (Gayle)Getting advice from a
great offensive mind | Mike Shanahan spent time with Jimmy G (Fann)Jed’s
confidence in John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan (Madson)Nick Mullens should have the
job | The backup QB situation (Almquist)Kyle’s dad helping Jimmy G (Maiocco)If
Bosa is there, that’s who they’ll take | #2 pick available in trade (Madson)Kyle
on his WRs (Fann)The return of Jimmy (Biderman)Kyle isn’t satisfied with the
receivers he has | Still looking for receivers (Madson)Depth chart
(Almquist)Roles for free agent pickups (Biderman)They have a bunch of backs. One
should be able to get a yard or 2 when needed | Short-yardage back (Maiocco)They
should cause QBs a lot of problems | DeForest Buckner-Dee Ford (Chan)ESPN ranks
C.J Beathard in the bottom three for total QBR There was a lot of skepticism for
when C.J. Beathard made his start on Sunday against the Los Angeles Chargers.
After all, this is a guy who had a 54.9 completion percentage. When the San
Francisco 49ers left the field with a loss, there was plenty of blame to go
around, but Beathard didn’t deserve any of it. That didn’t stop ESPN from
ranking him in the bottom three of QBR. Keep in mind, QBR is a bit of a strange
ranking. It’s only used by ESPN on the regular, and it isn’t to be brought up in
place of passer rating. It’s the same rating that Tim Tebow got better numbers
than Aaron Rodgers — so, that may be all you need to know.Beathard finished with
a QBR of 21.9 (very bad) and a passer rating of 82.9. Only two quarterbacks
ranked worse: Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills (5.1) and Ryan Tannehill of the
Miami Dolphins (4.5) Here’s what ESPN’s Hank Gargiulo had to say about Beathard:
He’s definitely doesn’t belong in the 90s Matt Breida
Jersey White
 , not even the 70s, but Beathard played much better
than a 21.9 rating. We can all agree the first interception was not at all his
fault and the second one was less on him and more on other surrounding
circumstances.Meanwhile, Tampa Bay Buccaneer quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, who
got benched in the first half after three points and an interception on six
possessions, didn’t even make the bottom three with his 27.9 QBR listed in the
article. So there’s that. Or is it? Because his game log on has him
with a 14.9 QBR. This ranking confuses me.

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